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Its been years of learning for the Mehendi team. And as we enter our fourth year we usher with it in a technological advance that could change the face of reading. We at Mehendi introduce to you the MEO augmented reality app.. which is the future of reading. Turning a two dimensional page into a 3D virtual reality, this may well be future now. As we strive to make your reading experience even more pleasurable than before this is our first step towards it. I would like to thank all our readers and clients for trusting us and making this possible and also thank the Mehendi team for their relentless effort towards achieving higher standards against all odds.

Vinolia lobo

Prolific Head

Life is full of deep realizations. When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to begin as soon as possible as you begin to embark on a journey to look for more ways to make your special day truly your own. Every couple wants an extraordinary wedding one that is different from any other and inspires and moves guests while creating lasting memories for the newly-weds. Filled with fresh out of this world ideas, inspiring photographs and loads of information, Mehendi provides you the information to create that experience, crushing the myth that happily ever after is only in fairytales. On this special occasion of our 3rd Anniversary I would like to wish all our readers, well-wishers and our extremely dedicated team Of Mehendi all the very best and success in the years to come. If love makes all things Possible, then Mehendi makes all things beautiful, as it aspires to take readers to the honeymoon and beyond. Happy Reading,!!!

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