Dr. Mini Rao
  • Dr. Mini Rao

  • Award winning practising psychologist and eminent writer is our star contributor as she gets into the psyche of our readers with her help column and as she answers all their queries.
Dr. Wasim
  • Dr. Wasim

  • He always knows how to pack a punch into his articles on well being and holistic healing.
Dr. Karthik Ram
  • Dr. Karthik Ram

  • Hign on Demand Dr Karthik Ram, is much sought after by celebrity client as he sculpts them to perfection for the silver screen. As our contributor he shares with us many of this secrets to beauty.
Shahnaz Hussain
  • Shahnaz Hussain

  • The reigning queen of beauty answers your beauty queries.
Rahul Dev
  • Rahul Dev

  • Fashion Photographer and Columnist with leading dailies.
Vinoth Kannan
  • Vinoth Kannan

  • He is a Young fine art photographer. His passion lies in creating new worlds through photographs.